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Fast, accurate and reliable.

VitalPAC replaces error prone paper based observation systems and manual Early Warning Score (EWS) calculation with easy-to-use touch screen technology for quickly and reliably recording observations and automated EWS calculation at the bedside. It is fast accurate and reliable.

VitalPAC reduces the time required to record observations by 40%, releasing time to care and improving workflow efficiency. Used at the bedside, it keeps staff in close contact with the patient, helping patient communication and improving the capture of essential contextual observations that are so critical to the completeness of patient evaluation and the timely identification of deterioration.VitalPAC quickly calculates and recommends the optimum interval to the next set of observations. It does this by applying protocol-based algorithms to a patient’s latest and recent observations. This focuses nurses’ time where the patient's need on the ward is greatest.

Learn more about the positive effects VitalPAC has had by viewing these case studies carried out by The Learning Clinic.

The Learning Clinic

The Learning Clinic spent many years establishing an extensive clinical database which enabled our research team to build the risk evaluation model that sits at the heart of our market leading solution VitalPAC.

VitalPAC is The Learning Clinics award winning personal assistant for clinicians that increases the speed and accuracy of recording patient observations and automates the calculation of Early Warning Scores (EWS) and prompts escalation.VitalPAC’s suite of modules greatly extend its functionality.