Below you will find a range of useful case studies and research papers about VitalPAC and areas of healthcare that relate to our product and services.

Models and activities of critical care
outreach in New Zealand hospitals:
results of a national census
Pedersen A., Psirides A. and Coombs M.
Nursing in Critical Care 10.1111/nicc. 12080
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A review of rapid response team
activation parameters in New Zealand hospitals
Psirides A., Hill J. and Hurford S.
Resuscitation 84 (2013) 1040- 1044
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Pain: a quality of care issue during
patients' admission to hospital
Carr E.C.J., Meredith P. , Chumbley G., Killen
R., Prytherch D.R. and Smith G.B.
Journal of Advanced Nursing 10.1111
Jan 12301
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ViEWS - Towards a national early
warning score for detecting adult
inpatient deterioration
David R. Prytherch, Gary B. Smith, Paul E.
Schmidt, Peter I. Featherstone.
Resuscitation: Volume 81, Issue 8, August 2010, pp 932-937
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VitalPAC helps Croydon University
Hospital reduce cardiac arrests by 70%
The Learning Clinic
Case Study: Reducing cardiac arrests

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The Learning Clinic improves safety
at Croydon by improving patient observations
The Learning Clinic
Case Study: Improving compliance

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